Doesn't it get bigger than this? - Planet Earth's smallest solar car

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This is a future car that any person can afford. It is a solar powered car and is cute looking. The catch is look at its size ! Its small alright, it is in fact the smallest solar car on Earth.

This is a car that can't be blamed for being too big, gas guzzling or an non innovative or an ill-fated promotional vehicle for some car company.

What it is though is the World's smallest solar racing car and it is fully functional one at that ! As is evident from the pictures,it is remarkably small and makes perfect sense for insects that find traveling by foot a little stressful.

The World's smallest solar racing car is a 33×22x14 millimeter vehicle that topped with a miniscule solar panel that generates enough electricity to run an electric motor with four wheels attached to it. It can run on solar power, or even of the light of a strong indoor source. It makes a great showcase for solar technology, and it’s cute as heck to boot. Probably the only solar car that every car buyer in the world is able to afford and adore.

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Source : Inhabitat

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