Enzo Reventon anyone??

Posted on Aug 27 2008 - 11:15am IST

Take a very close look at this car , because you’ll probably not see anything like this very soon! It looks like a cross breed between a Lamborghini Reventon and a Ferrari Enzo ! The bad bit is that it is not as good looking as any of them.

Named Predator Xtreme, it divides amazing creative design elements from several cars: Enzo front type, and seats in the headlights like Lamborghini, the arrangement of seats as McLaren F1 and even stop lights from the Infiniti G35. Besides the final result is horrible, quality of construction is not as good as you can infer from the pictures.

The interiors seem to be put together with low quality components and just look at the aftermarket stereo which is out of place. The guy would have spent as much money in making this car as Lamborghini/Ferrari spend on designing their wheel rims! Anyways share your views

You have seen nothing before-

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  1. Bob November 28, 2009 at - Reply

    It is shit. It just ruins the idea of a supercar. I can see wat the poeple who made this were trying to acheive but it turned out like crap. The front is squashed up and the back is plain ugly. Compared to a real Lamborghini Reventon, Ferrari Enzo or an SLR Mclaren, this is bloody ugly. You fags who call us fags are the real faggets.

  2. mr.adams October 25, 2009 at - Reply

    i like it. its unique
    stop hating on it and make your own model if u don’t like it. fags

  3. yenoom siwel September 22, 2009 at - Reply

    its amazing who ever thinks its crap is a dumb fag I want it

  4. Shrawan Raja March 19, 2009 at - Reply

    Well, whoever created this had one badd-ass fantasy

  5. Mathias November 21, 2008 at - Reply

    Only one word comes to my mind, hideous.

  6. Divi November 21, 2008 at - Reply

    If some real car company made this, you would hate so much. Quite being a fag.

  7. Matt September 28, 2008 at - Reply

    There’s a car around my town. Honda Del Sol chassis with a BMW Z front end, small pick up bead in the back, and lexus tails. Hideous. Why do people waste their time on such monstrosities. If you have that much time either make the car stupid fast or give it a good detailing and through on some body stuff to make it look better. Don’t mix and match, nothing ever comes good from that. Unless it’s a VW GTI with a Jetta front end.

  8. G-Red September 1, 2008 at - Reply

    Think it looks alright bit weird but probably better than anyones car that reads this.

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