Okinawa Inaugurates its First R&D Centre in Italy

25/01/2023 - 23:10 | Bike news,   | IAB Team

Okinawa Autotech has announced the inauguration of its first Research and Development (R&D) Center in Italy, Europe, in association with its joint venture (JV) partner Tacita with a total investment of Euros 25 million over a period of the next three years.

Image 1 Okinawa Autotechs First Rd Center In Italy

The new Center of Technology will be headed by Mr. Pierpaolo Rigo, Co-Founder, Tacita and will operate in collaboration with Okinawa’s local R&D team in India. It is also a conglomeration of the industry’s best talent to optimize product performance and design. Both Okinawa and Tacita will strive to implement the company’s vision of providing world-class technology to delight customers.

The global R&D centre will further focus on new product development, upgrading the existing product portfolio and developing an all-new e-powertrain to support the next generation of products. The centre will employ nearly 50 specialists both from India and across the world and soon the company will start its employee exchange program with Tacita to nurture the employees’ skills both at domestic and international levels.

Image 2 Okinawa Autotechs First Rd Center In Italy

The first product designed at the global center will be an electric cruiser motorcycle that is scheduled to be unveiled in the coming months in India. The motorcycle will be equipped with the latest EV technology and best-in-class performance amongst the motorcycle segment globally.

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