Nissan 400Z Specs Leaked Via Project Cars 3 Video Game

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The Nissan Z series is one of the longest standing nameplates in sports car history, having been used for a line of three-door coupes. Launching in 1969, the Datsun 240Z was the first Z car, with the now-discontinued 370Z being the last of the Z series half a century later. Nissan is currently working on the next-generation coupe, and even though they have released a few teasers, details have been closely guarded.

Nissan Z Proto Front Quarter
As per specifications on Project Cars 3, the Nissan 400Z will have 450 PS of power and will weigh 1,475 kg.

Multiple reports have speculated that the upcoming Nissan 400Z will be powered by an engine churning out 400 PS and 500 Nm of max power and torque figures at least. And now, figures uploaded on the racing game Project Cars 3 suggest that the coupe will be getting a max power figure of 450 PS, with the car weighing just 1,475 kg.

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Though these numbers should not be taken as fact, the Project Cars franchise has had a reputation of having detailed models of their vehicles and they make sure to upload each specification of a vehicle as close to real life as they can. There’s also a possibility that the numbers were just an educated guess as the 400Z that's featured in the game is the Z Proto concept.

Nissan Z Proto Rear Quarter
The numbers could also be an educated guess as the 400Z that's featured in the game is the Z Proto concept.

Speculators suggest that the next Z car will be powered by Nissan’s VR30DDTT 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine without any hybrid tech. A car for the purists, the Z car will also most probably come with a 6-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel-drive will be standard. A seven-speed auto with Adaptive shift control will also be available, along with an all-wheel-drive variant. Nissan’s design chief, Alfonso Albaisa, told the media last September that the production-spec 400Z will look largely similar to the Z Proto concept.

Nissan Z Proto Interior
The production-spec Nissan 400Z will be proper purists car with a manual gearbox.

Its dimensions are also going to be smaller than the now-discontinued 370Z. Reports suggest that it’ll be approximately 117 mm shorter and 5 mm lower, but the width remains unchanged. The Nissan 400Z will go on sale in 2022, with the official unveil expected to be by the end of this year. The Japanese automaker is also considering a convertible version as well as the more focused Nismo variants.

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