Kia Seltos And Sonet To Get New Brand Logo By Mid-2021 In India

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A few days ago, Kia announced a new strategy for the brand going ahead into the future along with unveiling its new brand motto and even a new company logo. The company has changed its corporate identity by changing the company name from 'Kia Motors' to just 'Kia'. As for Kia's new strategy, it will see the company go beyond vehicle manufacturing and create sustainable mobility solutions for the future. Under this new strategy, the company plans to launch seven new electric vehicles globally by 2027 with a new Kia logo.

kia new logo
The new Kia logo will be making its way onto all Kia models and will soon be arriving here in India as well.

The first of these upcoming electric vehicles is set for a global premier in the first quarter of 2021 itself and will be the first car to boast of the new Kia logo. Eventually, the new logo will be making its way onto all other Kia models and will soon be arriving here in India as well. Ho Sung Song, President and CEO of Kia Corporation, has confirmed that the new logo will be soon on the Seltos and the Sonet soon. Speaking to the media, he said, "Yes, the new logo will make its way to India and we will see it on the Seltos and the Sonet by mid-2021."

new Kia logo Kia Sonet Images Front Three Quarters Action
The Seltos and the Sonet will get the new logo by mid-2021 in India.

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The new Kia logo depicts its upcoming transformation after the carmaker announced their Plan-S Strategy that focuses on electric mobility. The new logo was unveiled in an event in Incheon, South Korea, which saw 303 pyrodrones launching hundreds of fireworks in a synchronized display. And in that moment, Kia also made a Guinness World Record for ‘Most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) launching fireworks simultaneously’.

Kia intends to reinforce its global product lineup with a push towards electrification with its focus on new-gen Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). These new EVs will be underpinned by Hyundai Motor Group's new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). It will include a range of new passenger vehicles from SUVs to MPVs across several segments. All these EVs will be boasting of long-range driving and high-speed charging capabilities, courtesy of the new platform.

The company also intends to promote more sustainable ways of production through the usage of clean energy and recyclable materials. Back here in India, Kia is still in its infancy in the market and it may take quite some time for these new-gen EVs to make it to India. Kia has no EVs coming up for India in the recent future and will soldier on with its regular ICE-powered cars - Seltos, Carnival and Sonet - with more products expected to hit the market soon.

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