New Hyundai i20 Gets Dearer, INR 87,000 Costlier Than Maruti Baleno

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Hyundai has announced a price hike effective across its entire model lineup from April 2021, ranging between INR 1,000 to INR 34,000. This is the second instance of Hyundai hiking the price of its models this year, which has come about due to rising input and material costs. Incidentally, this also marks the first time prices of third-gen Hyundai i20 have been hiked since it was launched in November 2020. The new i20 is now dearer by up to INR 13,000, depending on the variant. Here's a detailed look at the updated price list.

Old Pricing New Pricing Hike
Petrol Variants
Magna Rs 6.80 lakh Rs 6.85 lakh Rs 5,000
Sports Rs 7.60 lakh Rs 7.69 lakh Rs 9,000
Sports DT Rs 7.75 lakh Rs 7.84 lakh Rs 9,000
Sports IVT Rs 8.60 lakh Rs 8.69 lakh Rs 9,000
Asta Rs 8.70 lakh Rs 8.80 lakh Rs 10,000
Sports iMT Rs 8.80 lakh Rs 8.81 lakh Rs 1,000
Sports iVT DT Rs 8.75 lakh Rs 8.84 lakh Rs 9,000
Asta DT Rs 8.85 lakh Rs 8.95 lakh Rs 10,000
Sports iMT DT Rs 8.95 lakh Rs 8.96 lakh Rs 1,000
Asta (O) Rs 9.20 lakh Rs 9.33 lakh Rs 13,000
Asta (O) DT Rs 9.35 lakh Rs 9.48 lakh Rs 13,000
Asta iVT Rs 9.70 lakh Rs 9.80 lakh Rs 10,000
Asta iMT Rs 9.90 lakh Rs 9.91 lakh Rs 1,000
Asta iVT DT Rs 9.85 lakh Rs 9.95 lakh Rs 10,000
Asta iMT DT Rs 10.05 lakh Rs 10.06 lakh Rs 1,000
Asta DCT Rs 10.67 lakh Rs 10.68 lakh Rs 1,000
Asta DCT DT Rs 10.82 lakh Rs 10.83 lakh Rs 1,000
Asta (O) DCT Rs 11.18 lakh Rs 11.19 lakh Rs 1,000
Asta (O) DCT DT Rs 11.33 lakh Rs 11.34 lakh Rs 1,000
Diesel Variants
Magna Rs 8.20 lakh Rs 8.21 lakh Rs 1,000
Sportz Rs 9.00 lakh Rs 9.01 lakh Rs 1,000
Sportz DT Rs 9.15 lakh Rs 9.16 lakh Rs 1,000
Asta (O) Rs 10.60 lakh Rs 10.61 lakh Rs 1,000
Asta (O) DT Rs 10.75 lakh Rs 10.76 lakh Rs 1,000

As you can see from the table above, prices for the petrol Asta (O) variant of the i20 have been most affected with a hike of INR 13,000. Meanwhile, top-spec Asta and Asta (O) petrol DCT variants have had the least impact with a hike of just INR 1,000. Overall, it is the lower-spec petrol variants of the i20 that see a greater increase in their price than the top-spec variant. As for the diesel variants, prices of all trims have been hiked by just INR 1,000.

Hyundai I20 Tracking Front 3 Quarters
Over 80% of the bookings for the new-gen i20 has been for its top-spec trims.

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The new Hyundai i20 is certainly an expensive hatchback with the top-end Asta(O) trim priced at INR 11.34 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) for the turbo-petrol DCT variant. That's a huge premium over the previous-gen model and it is also considerably more expensive than any of its rivals in the premium hatchback segment. Customers have however not shied away from that price tag as Hyundai had previously revealed that 85% of the bookings have been for the higher-spec trims.

Hyundai I20 Dashboard
In true Hyundai fashion, the i20 comes loaded with features to the brim.

Hyundai offers the new i20 in four trims - Magna, Sportz, Asta and Asta (O) - and given the wide number of powertrain options, there are 13 different versions to choose from. In terms of features, some of the highlights of the new i20 include a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, semi-digital instrument cluster, Bose sound system, electric sunroof, ambient lighting, BlueLink connected car tech, wireless charging, an air purifier and more.

Hyundai I20 Tracking Rear 3 Quarters
With the new 1.0L turbo-petrol engine, the i20 is also the most powerful hatchback in its class.

There are three engine options under the hood of the new Hyundai i20 - a 83hp, 1.2L NA petrol engine, a 120hp, 1.0L turbo-petrol engine and a 100hp, 1.5L diesel engine. The base 1.2L engine is available with either a manual or a CVT gearbox. The diesel engine is solely available with a manual gearbox while the turbo-petrol engine is available with a DCT automatic or the iMT gearbox. With the new 1.0L turbo-petrol engine, the i20 is also the most powerful hatchback in its class. The i20 rivals the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Honda Jazz and the Tata Altroz.

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