New Audi Concept Cars Teased Highlighting Brand’s Future Plans

07/07/2021 - 11:15 | Audi,   | Utkarsh

Three new Audi concept cars have been teased by Audi Head of Design Marc Lichte and Audi Senior Vice President Henrik Wenders via a video that has been posted on LinkedIn. These concept vehicles highlight the brand’s future plans regarding autonomous mobility.

Audi Concept Car Sky Sphere

The three new Audi concept cars will have advanced technology that will help the vehicles recognise their owners. The machines will also have the ability to learn users’ preferences and predict what they would want the cars to do. In fact, in the video, Wenders calls the Audi concept cars “breathtaking concept cars that will reinvent mobility as we see it today.”

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Audi has used the term “sphere” to describe each of these concept cars. To begin with, there’s the Sky Sphere whose sketch depicts a long, low-slung car with an elongated bonnet and a sleek roofline with a coupe-like finish. Wenders describes this concept car as “a driver’s car and an autonomous car at the same time.”

Audi Concept Car Grand Sphere

The second Audi concept car has been named the Grand Sphere. Its design characteristics are similar to that of the Sky Sphere, however, the passenger area appears to be larger for providing a more comfortable experience. About the Grand Sphere, Lichte says that this is “all about grand appearance, immersive and personal, a grand high-class experience for all senses.”

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The final concept car is the Urban Sphere. Wenders describes it as “a private space in urban environments, digital and social, involving and perfectly centred around you”. It appears to be the largest of the three with a crossover-like design offering loads of interior space.

Audi Concept Car Urban Sphere

At the moment, it’s unclear as to when these new Audi concept cars will be showcased to the world. A few speculations are suggesting that they would be revealed sometime in 2022.

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