This Modified Hyundai i20 Features Air Suspension - Only One in India - Video

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The Hyundai i20 is a great family hatchback with premium quality interiors, good ride quality, good amount of interior space and a smooth range of engine options. While all this is true for the current third-gen i20, it can also be said about the previous second-generation of the hatchback as well. The Hyundai i20 isn't exactly a car that you would throw sporty modifications at, but that's exactly what has been done on this second-generation Hyundai i20.

This Hyundai i20 has been modified by N1Concepts from Kochin. At first glance, it may just look like a regular aftermarket body kit thrown onto the i20, but there's more under the skin. But let's start with the exterior modifications first. This second-gen Hyundai i20 comes painted in all-black shade that really looks sinister on this car. Even the Hyundai logo has been blacked out. Moving on, this i20 comes with custom flared wheel arches which have been made out of metal and not fibre.

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What's commendable about the flared wheel arches is that it blends beautifully with the body work and does not stick out disgracefully. In profile, this i20 also features side skirts and in combination with the wheel arches, they give the car a very hunkered down and low slung look. There's also a spoiler that has been mounted over the rear tailgate and it looks pretty cool too. Lastly, the 17-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels definitely deserve a mention and they contrast beautifully with the black body shade.

Hyundai I20 Air Suspension 1192 1
This Hyundai i20 sure looks rad with a hunkered down look and flared wheel arches.

However, the biggest modification on this second-gen i20 is the addition of air suspension. That's right! Opening the hatch of this i20, you can see the entire air suspension mechanism that has been neatly incorporated in the boot of the car. At first glance, it may even look like an aftermarket sound setup, but when you look closer, you realize its an actual air suspension system. And with that, comes the dual advantage of this system - increase the ride height when you want a comfortable ride quality, and drop it when you are in the mood to tackle some corners.

The controls for the air suspension has been incorporated into the center console. The front and rear suspension height can be adjusted individually and there's even a display to show you the exact setting. There's also a button which drops the ride height to its absolute minimum at all four corners. When viewed from the outside with the air suspension at its lowest setting, this Hyundai i20 looks very mean indeed. And we are sure there's not another one like this in our country.

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