De Nieuwe Mercedes-Benz A Class heads for a shower

05/06/2012 - 13:27 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

The Mercedes-Benz A Class is the most awaited launch (for Indian Autos Blog) from Mercedes Benz India. Mercedes has confirmed its interest in selling the A Class in India in the next two-three years.

The new A Class revealed at the Geneva Motor Show is a clean sheet design. Its not often that designers get to start with a blank piece of paper for a car that's already clocked a decade on the market.

See images of the new Mercedes-Benz A Class

Mercedes designers have executed a fabulous design which makes the A Class appeal to customers who would consider a Volkswagen Golf or an Audi A3. The previous generation's tall boy design lead to car's limited appeal.

Watch as the Mercedes-Benz A Class tries impressing the international youth by playing in (an artificial) rain shower.

Mercedes Benz A-Class Youtube video

Are you impressed?

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