McLaren P1 to be Sold Out soon?

02/02/2013 - 14:29 | ,   | Anjan Ravi

McLaren P1 front three quartersThe McLaren P1 is the answer to the Ferrari F70/F150. And the Porsche 918. All these three cars have a lot in common:

They're assisted with electric energy for one. The McLaren and the Ferrari use the F1 Hyper KERS system. They will all be very expensive to buy, the Porsche being the 'cheapest' here at about £ 700,000 (INR 5.9 crores) while the other will aim for the £ 1 million+ mark (INR 8.3 crore upwards).

Another thing the McLaren and the Ferrari have in common (which is the new thing nowadays) is that they'll have an extremely limited production run. In fact, both these cars are expected to be limited to around 500 units.

So it is only natural to expect that both these car manufacturers would have already had private unveilings and special briefings for their very exclusive customers. Ferrari recently had theirs for the F150.

And you might remember McLaren's secret unveiling of the P1 for the elite as well. However, it seems that McLaren has already received bookings for the P1 and that the British manufacturer may hang the 'Sold Out' sign very soon on its demo car.

Even back in November, McLaren is rumored to have received 120 confirmed bookings for the hypercar. Now it seems that the manufacturer has nearly sold out the cars they planned to make.

While McLaren haven't divulged the details such as power and acceleration figures, it is rumored that the P1 would carry over the 3.8-liter V8 TwinTurbo from the MP4-12C. However, in the P1, the power output could be close to 800bhp with further assistance from the Hyper KERS system supplying an additional 100 odd bhp.

With prices expected at £ 1.5 million (INR 12.45 crores) and only 500 units planned, the Mclaren P1 is going to be a very rare sight on the roads.

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