Maruti Suzuki Extends Free Warranty And Service Period For Customers

16/05/2021 - 18:30 | | Chandrutpal

As the second wave of the pandemic grips the country, it feels like it is 2020 again. With the healthcare system overburdened by the rising number of cases, most of India is going back to a state of lockdown to curb transmission of Covid-19. In the wake of this, automobile manufacturers are shutting down their factories and several of the brands have announced an extension of the warranty period for customers. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, which has been the undisputed leader of the Indian car bazaar, is one such carmaker to work towards ensuring peace of mind for its customers.

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2021 Facelift
Maruti Suzuki cars whose warranty was expiring between March 15-May 31 will benefit from an extension of these services till June 30, 2021.

Maruti Suzuki has announced that it will be offering an extension of free service, warranty and extended warranty to customers. The extension will apply to the free service and warranty period which expires between March 15, 2021, to May 31, 2021. These will be extended till June 30, 2021.

Speaking on this development, Mr Partho Banerjee, Senior Executive Director (Service), Maruti Suzuki India said-

With customer convenience at the core of initiatives, we have decided to extend the free services, warranty and extended warranty for our customers till June 30th 2021. Earlier, these were expiring between March 15th and May 31st, 2021.  Since customers in several States are facing restricted movement, this extension will give them relief. They can avail these services at their convenience, as lockdown eases.

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Maruti Suzuki has even shut down its manufacturing facilities in Haryana to make oxygen gas available for medical needs. Furthermore, the automaker has also decided to shut down its manufacturing facility in Gujarat.

During the manufacturing process, Maruti Suzuki uses a small amount of oxygen in its factories while component manufacturers use larger quantities comparatively. As India is facing an acute shortage of oxygen for patients, any way to increase the supply is helpful.  Accordingly, Maruti Suzuki advanced its maintenance shutdown, originally scheduled for June 1st, to 9th May.

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