Mahindra Thar Diesel-MT Real-World Highway Fuel Efficiency Tested

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Much has already been talked about the new Mahindra Thar's off-road prowess, its modern interior with plenty of creature-comforts and of course, its practicality as an everyday vehicle. In this regard, the new Mahindra Thar is a huge departure from its predecessor and could very well be the only car in your garage if you are a small family. One of the most important aspects about using a car everyday is how fuel efficient it is. And that's exactly what we are going to address here in this article. Here's an owner's review of the Mahindra Thar's fuel efficiency in its diesel-manual spec, tested primarily for highway efficiency.

As you can see in the video, the Mahindra Thar has been topped up to its brim with fuel, the odometer and the fuel efficiency meter has been reset to 0 and we are good to go. It's also worth pointing out that the AC was kept on throughout the test as one would normally do in everyday conditions and there were two passengers on board. For you reference, the diesel-MT Thar has an ARAI-rated mileage of 15.2 kmpl. After filling up the tank, the vloggers went out on the highway to test the Thar's mileage. While at it, they also reported about the Thar's highway manners, refinement and insulation and high-speed stability.

2020 Mahindra Thar Tracking Front 2
The Mahindra Thar diesel-MT has an ARAI-rate average fuel efficiency of 15.2 kmpl.

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As the highway was relatively empty, the Mahindra Thar was able to cruise at a steady speed without frequent gear changes or heavy throttle or brake inputs. It was mostly driven at a steady pace of around 100 kph in 6th-gear, with the engine doing about 2,000 rpms at that speed. The vloggers noted that the Thar felt very composed and relaxed at regular highway cruising speeds. The engine was not heard in the cabin, there was minimal wind noise, with little noise only coming from the large tyres. It also felt comfortable holding a steady triple digit speed. The vloggers then decided to take things a notch higher.

2020 Mahindra Thar Front 3 Quarters
The 2.2 litre mHawk diesel engine on the Mahindra Thar produces 130 hp and 300 Nm of peak torque.

Pushing the Thar to its limits, it was taken to speeds of 150 kph. In fact, the Thar was consistently driven at speeds well past 120 kph for about 10 km, even as part of the fuel efficiency test. At such high speeds, the vloggers noted that there was decent wind noise in the cabin and the vehicle was also a little bouncy over undulations owing to its soft suspension. The steering, however, felt stable. It is anyway a huge achievement for the Thar to be able to reach speeds of 150 kph on Indian highways. After a run of about 50 km, the vloggers drove back to the same fuel station to fill up the tank again.

At this point, the trip meter in the instrument cluster showed that a distance of 51.6 km was covered and the in-built fuel efficiency meter showed a reading of 16.3 kmpl. It must be noted that the in-car fuel efficiency reading keeps on fluctuating as per real-time driving conditions and style. On filling up the tank to the brim again, it's evident that the Mahindra Thar consumed 3.81 liters of diesel. For a distance of 51.6 km, the Thar consumed 3.81 liters of diesel, which means it retuned an average highway fuel efficiency of 13.6 kmpl. So that's the real world fuel efficiency of the Mahindra Thar diesel-MT, driven in real world conditions as any one would drive on the highway.

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