Lexus Premieres Its Updated LS With Improved Styling And New Tech

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Lexus has been a late-comer in India but definitely enjoys healthy fan following. While a chunk of its sales comes from the Lexus RX SUV, its India lineup also features Lexus’ flagship sedan, the ultra-luxurious Lexus LS. Launched in 2018, the Lexus LS is still on sale in its current-generation avatar. However, Lexus has premiered a new, updated version of the LS and it will go on sale in Japan by late 2020, before making its way to other parts of the world. The updated version of the Lexus LS brings in upgrades to its styling, features, safety and technology.

Lexus Ls Updated With Upgraded Styling And New Tec

In terms of its exterior styling, Lexus has added a new and highly-advanced paint scheme called Gin-ei Luster. Not only is it sprayed on using a new Sonic Method but also used compressed alluminium flakes to add an extra dose of sparkle to the colour texture. Other exterior additions include BladeScan AHS, a newly-designed adaptive LED high beam technology, which premiered as world-fits in the updated Lexus RX SUV. When it comes to its interior, the Lexus gets new ornamentation and newly-designed upholstery. In terms of features, the updated Lexus GS features a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment with SmartDevice Link, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; along with the addition of a digital rear-view mirror for added convenience.

Lexus Ls Updated With Upgraded Styling And New Tec

Other than this, the new Lexus LS also features new driver-assistive technology called Lexus Teammate. Based on the Mobility Teammate Concept, the new feature helps the driver in recognition, judgement and operation. The new tech also supports capabilities such as keeping the vehicle in its lane, maintaining vehicle-to-vehicle distance, lane changes, lane splits and overtaking other vehicles when driving on expressways and other motor vehicle-specific roadways. The driver is freed from operation of steering, braking and accelerating; and the system is programmed to prioritise passenger safety in case of an emergency. The new Lexus GS also features Advanced-Park, a system that uses cameras and sensors to park on its own. Other changes to the interior include seats with deeper stitching and vibration absorption, along with updated steering-mounted switches.

Lexus Ls Updated With Upgraded Styling And New Tec

When it comes to mechanicals, the updated Lexus LS features a host of changes. The most significant is newly-developed Adaptive Variable Suspension for improved comfort, along with upgraded engine mounts. The updated LS500h gets increased battery-assist during acceleration, while LS500h is tuned for better low-end grunt. The updated Lexus LS also comes with Active Noise Control and Engine Sound Enhancement for improved quietness.

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