Land Rovers to be sold to the Indian Army

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With the slowdown in car sales across the globe, manufacturers are coming up with ways and means to sell their cars. The worst hit are gas-guzzling SUV's ever since gas prices loomed to a record $4 per gallon in the U.S. Petrol prices have recovered in the U.S, but other countries are still feeling the heat with only marginal relief.

People are hesitant to purchase big cars as they know that fuel prices could increase any time and there's no guarantee that it'll stay around the $2/gallon mark, as it is now.

Tata Motors' Land Rover has come up with a brilliant solution. Their Off-roaders are going to be sold to the defence sectors of countries like India, Russia and China as the need for such rugged vehicles are necessary due to the non - existence of proper roads along most part of these country' borders.

‘We have plans for the defence sector and are looking for defence deals from overseas and also from India,” reports quoted Ravi Kant, managing director of Tata Motors, as saying.

Land Rover won't find trouble finding buyers as their vehicles are already used by many defence sectors around the world. In addition, Land Rovers are designed to meet military standards and hence a need for alteration or auxiliary fitments won't arise.

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Source- CarWale

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