Kenguru to put all the wheelchairs in its pouch!

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I know what you are all thinking, here goes another manufacturer who thinks he can make a micro city car for $2500. No, you are wrong and infact this is a car made especially for those people who find it very difficult to travel.

This is a special vehicle for those who are physically handicapped and especially those who are confined to wheel chairs. They can breathe free now and they do not need any aid to travel. Welcome to the world of KENGURU (What did you expect,the G-Wiz?).

This is a special type of car designed by a Hungarian Company specialising in development of aids for the handicapped people since 1915. Thats what you call great histroy. It is very petite at just 2.15 metres long, 1.55m wide and 1.47m tall.

It weighs just 290kgs and therefore you may be thinking that it has an small economical gasoline engine which will return around 50-60mpg. Wrong again, it will be very easy on the pocket as it runs on Electric power and can do 30mph and 30 miles on a charge. The Kenguru is propelled by two 4 kW electric motors powered by four lead-acid batteries.

The styling is remarkably cute and is sure to turn heads where ever you go. Special features include

  • Environmentally friendly – completely GREEN car delivering long awaited mobility solution for wheelchair users
  • Driven directly from a wheelchair – access is via the rear-opening tailgate and steering is by motorbike style handlebar  (joystick option will be available some time later)
    Your own wheelchair is secured within the car by an interlocking device
  • The current design allows parking rear end to the pavement for easy access and it is an ideal solution to drivers who only undertake journeys to local shops and services
  • And the great thing about it is that because it weights just 290kgs, the Kenguru is classified as a scooter and therefore only a scooter driver’s licence is required to drive Kenguru

For all those willing to get one of these, Kenguru is on sale now in Hungary for $ 12,500. It is also available in UK from this summer and soon in the USA as well.

Visit Kenguru cars at their website : KENGURU

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