JK Tyres Launches Levitas Ultra High-Performance Premium Car Tyres

22/03/2023 - 15:42 | Industry News,   | IAB Team

JK Tyres has launched a new premium tyre brand called the Levitas Ultra. And with this, the company has expanded its presence in the fast-expanding luxury car segment.

Jk Tyre Levitas Ultra Tyre Launch 1

With the healthy revival of the economy, the Indian automobile industry is witnessing an uptick in demand for luxury cars, with the market having grown by nearly 50%. JK Tyre with the entry of ‘Levitas Ultra’ is well poised to capitalize on this growth by timing it with the growing requirements in the market.

Tested extensively in Europe and India, these Ultra High Performance [UHP] tyres offer best-in-class functionality across key aspects – utmost comfort, low noise and high durability. Perfected for Indian road conditions and climate, the Levitas Ultra range is offered in seven sizes, ranging from 225/55 R16 to 245/45 R18 for premium cars which will help further establish the brand.

Jk Tyre Levitas Ultra Tyre Launch

Further, JK Tyre plans to enlarge its portfolio of ‘Levitas Ultra’ by introducing it in 19 to 22-inch tyre range, to cover the entire gamut of luxury cars. In its constant endeavour to enhance the sustainability quotient and offer state-of-the-art products to Indian customers, the Levitas Ultra has been rated 5 Star for fuel savings.

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