JK Tyre Launches Two New Products For Commercial Vehicles

20/08/2022 - 10:31 | Industry News | IAB Team

JK Tyre has added two new products to its range of tyres for commercial vehicles. The new radial tyres are Jetsteel JDH XM and Jetway JUC XM.

Jk Tyre New Commercial Vehicle Tyre

Equipped with even-wear characteristics, the Jetway JUC XM is specifically designed to provide a premium tyre life ensuring better fuel efficiency thus reducing the cost of ownership for truck owners.

Jetsteel JDH-XM tyres are to cater to Long-Haul applications in the country. JDH-XM, with its unique tread compound and high tread depth, is designed to deliver high tyre life. Fitted with the segment-first “Jet-OCT” technology, the tyre is capable of delivering high casing strength resulting in higher retreadability.

To capitalize on growth opportunities and overcome the rising input costs incurred by transporters, JK Tyre has developed these products in order to ensure long-term benefits to its customers.

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