Future Jaguar Land Rover Models To Feature Anti-COVID Filter

17/03/2021 - 11:46 | ,  ,   | Yatharth Chauhan

Jaguar Land Rover is working with Panasonic to develop an air filter that nukes up to 97 per cent of viruses and airborne bacteria. Basically, the upcoming filtration system will work as a face mask for the car's HVAC unit. It will be built on Panasonic's Nanoe X technology.

Jaguar Land Rover Panasonic Nanoe X
Jaguar Land Rover models currently use Panasonic's Nanoe technology to filter out viruses and bacteria. However, the Nanoe X systems will be at least 10 times more efficient

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So far, it's not clear when the stringent filter would make its market debut but all Jaguar and Land Rover models will be seen kitted out with the new system. Already, a large section of JLR cars, including the Land Rover Defender, feature Panasonic Nanoe technology and PM2.5 filtration. In comparison, the Nanoe X tech will be 10 times more effective as it will rely on a high voltage to produce trillions of hydroxyl (OH) radicals enclosed in nano-sized water molecules. These will work together to keep out the bad bacteria and viruses, including COVID. Essentially, virus and bacteria proteins are denatured as soon as they come in contact with the filtration system, which prevents them from reproduction. The OH radicals even kill common allergens but they are totally harmless to humans.

Jaguar Land Rover has claimed that it's not relying on computer simulations to figure out the efficiency of its system. Instead, it approached Perfectus Biomed, a British lab, to conduct a test that replicates a ventilation system of a vehicle working in the recirculation mode. The results have shown that the new system successfully killed 97% of viruses and bacteria, thereby confirming the system's potency against coronaviruses and other pathogens. Meanwhile, French immunology lab Texcell has independently tested Panasonic Nanoe X technology and the results have been very encouraging: the filtration system inhibited 99.995% of coronaviruses during a two-hour laboratory test.

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