Report - 70% in West, 57% in East are India's first-time car buyers

02/10/2013 - 10:13 | Specials | Anjan Ravi

J.D Power Asia Pacific has come out with its new study called the 2013 India Escaped Shopper Study (ESS). The study is based on responses of 8,687 buyers and 3,271 rejecters of new cars and new utility vehicles, who purchased their vehicle between September 2012 and April 2013. Here are some results from the study.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga ZXI rear
70% in the West and 57% in the East are first time car buyers.

1. Nearly 70% of buyers in the West and 57% of buyers in the East are first-time car buyers. The proportion of new car buyers has decreased in the North and has remain unchanged in the South however.

2. Attractive design and styling are important considerations in the North, while the South gives first preference to fuel efficiency. Also, people in the South are more "methodical" in their purchase, doing a preliminary research, visiting dealerships, taking test drives and negotiating. The research says that in the North, the information communicated by the salesperson is relied upon and that the customers are "less likely" to test drive the vehicle.

3. Internet research for their new car purchase has increased to 42% in the South from 2009's 21%. In the North, buyers are influenced by the opinions of their friends and relatives.

Honda Amaze side view
Customers in the North are preferring a larger car compared to small cars.

4. Owning multiple vehicles in a household is 1.6 times higher in North India compared to any other region. Customers in North India are also preferring a larger car compared to a smaller vehicle.

5. Second most reason for vehicle rejection is a longer delivery period. 17% of car buyers in 2013 rejected the vehicle they initially considered due to its long waiting period.

More details can be found on the press release below.

Asia Pacific 2013 India Escaped Shopper Study - Press Release

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