Report - Indian big-bike market to grow by a whopping 532% by 2022

29/11/2013 - 15:51 | ,   | Karthik H

The Emerging Markets Automotive Advisors (EMMAAA) has forecast growth of a whopping 532 percent from its 2012 levels for the Indian big bike market.

Anything above 250 cc is considered as a big bike for the purpose of this research. In 2012, close to 119,000 big bikes were sold across India. This, according to EMMAAA might up to 167,000 units in 2013. The research firm that concentrates solely on emerging markets across the world expect sales to touch 708,000 in 2022.

Harley Davidson Street 750 side
EMMAAA's studies show that bikes such as the Harley Davidson Street 750 are going to be in very high demand in India.

The quarterly report that was recently released is the first model and manufacturer level forecast of the Big Bike segment in India. The firm has also forecast that sales that will be on the up till 2016, following which it will eventually taper down.

But Deepesh Rathore, Director at EMMAAA cautions stoked manufacturers who are developing smaller capacity bikes to grow the base :

Most big bike sales are currently happening to people with money and those who want to be seen in a certain way in the society. In a way, wannabes are fuelling the big bike craze and this will correct, with manufacturers losing sales. Only the manufacturers who build long-term relationships with owners and riders through clubs, rides and activities will sustain the momentum over the long-term horizon.

EMMAAA divides the two-wheeler market into twelve segments, based on cubic capacity. Commuter bikes start at B1, whilst 1,600 cc bikes form the B12 segment. EMMAAA's studies suggest that while the entire market will grow at 532 percent by 2020, some segments will have much more growth. The B9 segment for instance (500-800 cc) is likely to grow at a massive 4,900 percent.

The projected growth tapers off as we go in to the very large capacity bike segments, with growth slated for a mere 108 percent.

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