Indian Autos Blog v2.0 launches later today

28/07/2009 - 03:37 | Announcements | Shrawan Raja

newWe decided not to hold this back any longer. We published our first post a year and 2 days back, and though last Sunday was officially our 1st anniversary, we consider today as our birth day.

To celebrate this occasion, we're giving the blog a face-lift. If you were with us a few hours back, you could have got an idea about the re-design.

Apart from the visual changes, we plan to a lot more in the coming months.

- We've tested the Question Of The Day and we'll be having it once in two days starting today

- We're bringing back the gadgets section. Once in a while, we'll be bringing you useful gadgets which you might be interested in

- Focus turns towards 2-wheelers in v2.0. We shall keep you up to date on what is happening in the 2-wheeler industry, and in the future, evaluate more bikes and bring you comprehensive reports

- There will be image galleries accompanying text wherever possible

- We're also going to write on how to maintain your ride. The "Advise" section will be back brimming with posts

- At times, you might also find us explaining technology to you now and then.

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