IAB Baja Special- mechISMU from ISM University, Dhanbad

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Name of the team: mechISMU

Name  of  the  University: Indian School of Mines University, Dhanbad

Captain's name: Abhineet Menaria

Faculty advisor's name: Prof. Arup Kumar Basu

The Team:

Team Members        Year of study        Department of study

Abhineet Menaria         3rd            Mechanical Engg
Abhishek Srivastava      3rd            Mechanical Engg
Anant Mahajan             3rd            Mechanical Engg
Ansari Ravish Qadeer   3rd            Mechanical Engg
Ayush Jain                    3rd            Mechanical Engg
C. Manjunath               3rd            Mechanical Engg
Madhur Agrawal           3rd            Mechanical Engg
Nilanjan Banik              3rd            Mechanical Engg
Pranav Tulsyan            3rd            Mechanical Engg
Rachit Haritwal            3rd            Mechanical Engg
Rajeev Kumar             3rd            Mechanical Engg
Rohit Sharma              3rd            Mechanical Engg
Shammi Tiwari            3rd            Mechanical Engg
Shashank Gaikwad     3rd            Mechanical Engg
Varun Goyal              3rd            Mechanical Engg

Specifications of the car:

  • Double wishbone suspension in rear and front
  • Disc brakes in front wheels and drum brakes in rear
  • Worm and roller steering gear box
  • ATV tires- 21X7-R10

What  do  you  think  will  make  your  vehicle  stand  out  from  others?

The comfort of the driver. Large cockpit space, silky smooth steering and a well-designed suspension system ensure that the driver has a relatively comfortable ride on even the roughest of terrains.


With the kind of effort we have put in for this competition, we are pretty sure that Team mechISMU's vehicle will stand out as one of the best.

We are still not taken. Any corporate organization interested in adopting Team mechISMU should feel free to contact us at mechISMU.ism@bajasaeindia.org.

What  do  you  want  to  tell  other  teams  which  are  participating  in  this  contest?

We are a bunch of "race-ists" who have put out heart, soul and brain into this project. We have prepared, persevered, practiced and we are sure we'll perform. Hope we have one hell of a race out there and may the best buggy win.

IAB Comment- The vehicle looks raw and rugged. The white, red and black paint combo makes this one desirable off-roader. The large steering wheel and seat will keep the driver in good shape even on a long drive. Notice the well optimized front wheel geometry? Must have been done to strike the best balance between steering through tight corners with ease and maximum straight line stability.

The large coil springs at the rear should make it ride like a dream even over the worst of terrains and while at rest, makes the vehicle the roar with confidence. Overall the vehicle looks complete and a job well done. Best of luck.

IAB Recommendation- Treat the wheels with a splash of black, and a couple centimeters of white paint along its circumference.

We wish to thank mechISMU from ISM University, Dhanbad for their participation on Indian Autos Blog.

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