IAB Baja Special- Cool Runnings from CITM Faridabad

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Captain’s name: Abhimanyue Bhagat
Faculty advisor’s name: Devendra Vashist


1    Abhimanyue Bhagat     4th     Mechanical
2    Sonali Khosla               4th     Mechanical
3    Ankit Goyal                 3rd     Electronics & Communication
4    Brijmohan Jain            3rd    Electronics & Communication
5    Mayank Jain                3rd     Electronics & Communication
6    Praduman Aggarwal    2nd    Mechanical
7    Puneet Moun              2nd    Mechanical
8    Parinita Baruah           2nd    Mechanical
9    Anuj Kashyap             2nd    Mechanical

Specification of their car

The team strictly followed an actionable plan with established targets to build the perfect ATV keeping the five basic design parameters namely durability, acceleration, traction, maneuverability and speed in mind. Most of the components were designed and manufactured to complement an ATV weighing 320kgs as the market catered to cars weighing above 1000kgs only. External front swing arms and rear trailing arms were designed to enhance rider comfort through increased suspension travel. ATV tyres were selected to achieve better traction while a chain drive ensured maximum torque output without sacrificing on the vehicle top speed.

Since the vehicle is very light in weight, thus using a rack and pinion system would be the cheapest and the best option.  We have come up with an innovative self designed steering geometry which would solve the purpose of effective steering and would be compatible with our design of the front suspension system. This new system would have all linkages from the outside of the wheels instead of inside as done in ordinary steering systems. Also to minimize the lateral stresses in the steering links we decided to use cables in place of rigid links to steer the vehicle. Incorporation of a 4 discs along with a cross-linked brake circuit resulted into an efficient, durable and safe ATV.

Steps adopted for the sake of weight reduction

A considerable weight reduction was achieved through good designs and optimum pipe selection for the roll cage. The steel tubes for the Roll Cage were decided after several iterations were performed to select a tube with outside diameter and wall thickness that would yield in best possible weight reduction. Majority of the components like the hubs, knuckles, swing arms, wheel axles, etc were designed and manufactured to reduce the maximum weight without decreasing the strength. The efforts made by the team to improve every single system on the ATV resulted into an extremely safe, light and durable vehicle weighing only 250kgs.

Special features of our vehicle

Design of all the components have been tested for their structural strength, bending stiffness, torsion stiffness, etc. according to the requirement of the systems. We have coupled meticulous research augmented by extensive calculations with out-of-the box thinking which has propelled several innovations. Innovative external front swing arms and rear trailing arms result in increased driver comfort. An exhaust system with a catalytic converter will effectively control and reduce noise and air pollution.  The design of the roll cage, adequate clearances, body works and safety features of the ATV would surely help us in garnering some additional points.

Sponsorship details

The ultimate goal of CITM is the success of its students and it’s because of this goal that it has readily agreed to sponsor its first ever BAJA SAE INDIA team. CITM has extended full support to us students, so that we can pursue our goal of participation in this event without any obstacles.

Sponsor Details

Career Institute of Technology & Management has sponsored the team

Sector-43, Aravalli Hills, Surajkund-Badkhal Road
Faridabad, Haryana
CITM website:  www.mrei.ac.in
Contact person: Mr. M.K.Soni, Director, CITM
Ph.0129 4198100
Email address:  citm@mrei.ac.in

What do you want to tell other teams which are participating in this contest

The experience of designing and fabricating the BAJA vehicle is a tremendous opportunity and an excellent platform for honing real world engineering skills to achieve automotive excellence. We wish all the BAJA SAE INDIA’09 teams good luck and a successful participation in this event.

We wish the team the best of luck in their venture.

IAB Comment- Of all the Baja vehicles featured on IAB, this is among the best. The sheer design and innovation in this vehicle are mind-boggling. They have featured Batmobile type (not exactly but very similar) front suspension and steering. The rear has trailing arms with chain drive. Also present is a Pulsar 200 Exhaust and Exhaus-Tec technology.

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