Hyundai Mobis Unveils Future of In-Vehicle Display with Moving Panoramic Screens

12/06/2024 - 15:58 | Hyundai,  ,  ,   | IAB Team

Hyundai Mobis has introduced a groundbreaking innovation in in-vehicle displays with its latest digital cockpit technology, M.VICS 5.0. This new system sets a futuristic standard for digital cockpits, combining diverse display technologies to create a seamless, wide-screen experience across the vehicle's front panel.

Hyundai Mobis In Vehicle Display

The M.VICS 5.0 digital cockpit features five interconnected display panels, including a 27-inch main screen for dashboard and navigation, a 12.3-inch screen for the passenger, a 7-inch vehicle status display, and button controls. These panels function both independently and as a single, expansive screen, adapting to different driving modes for optimal usability.

Key highlights include a variable display system that adjusts vertically and tilts based on driving conditions. In 'Drive Mode,' part of the panel retracts to create a smaller display, while in 'Theater Mode' and 'Relax Mode,' the screen adjusts for media viewing or rest, enhancing the driving experience with touch and haptic feedback.

Hyundai Mobis In Vehicle Display Innovation

Safety features are also integrated into M.VICS 5.0, such as lighting technology to warn of potential collisions, color scenarios to reduce motion sickness, and real-time driver monitoring for drowsiness and inattentiveness. The system includes advanced airbags to ensure passenger safety.

Hyundai Mobis has filed nine new patents for M.VICS 5.0, contributing to its portfolio of over 1,700 patents in 2023, reinforcing its leadership in future mobility technology.

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