Pointers from today's Honda press conference - Everything they said [Images]

27/09/2011 - 15:21 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

Honda has finally entered the B segment with its much awaited small car, the Brio. We have already posted about the variants, colors and technical specifications of the car and now let us take you through the launch event point by point

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  • Honda says that the Brio has been designed for India and Indian consumers; Indian engineers were involved for the first time in developing a Honda car. They assisted in designing and developing many parts according to Indian preferences
  • Occupants were given equal priority as drivers while developing the Brio as Indians most likely travel with passengers on board
  • Honda says people have high expectations from the company in form of design, performance, fuel economy, space, comfort and safety and Honda has been successful every time in providing the consumers back with what they demand.
  • Honda cars are constantly winning JD Power Asia Pacific awards for best quality and Honda expects that to continue with the Brio
  • For the past 21 months Honda has been trying to work out a production plan to counter the effect from fluctuations of economy. Honda has recently slashed prices of Jazz and City leading to higher demand.
  • Honda was able to break the sub 4 lakh price barrier due to high localization level of the Brio currently being 80% and expected to be 90% localized within few months
  • Export of Brio components from Rajasthan factory have already begin to Thailand, Honda’s export turnover from India stands at 112 crore rupees for the current fiscal year which shows that the Indian component quality is among the best in Asia
  • With the Brio Honda wants to reach a wider consumer area as their offerings till date were slightly premium and not within reach of the buyer from smaller cities
  • Brio has been developed after extensive research, Honda has traveled all over India including snowy as well as extremely hot areas to understand Indian weather conditions, also Honda has visited many homes to understand the lifestyle of the new Indian consumers
  • Research showed Indians and Japanese think similarly, they always want something new, they work hard towards it, achieve it and gain happiness (the last part is applicable to human of every origin)
  • Honda understands that a car is a family purchase in India and this has kept all ages in mind from young and energetic to the elders and their requirements of comfort and fuel economy
  • The Brio meets crash test norms of both Japan and Europe
  • The Brio also meets the ‘slow speed crash test’ norms from Europe
  • Honda’s marketing strategy will target at ruling the customers ‘head’ creating a balance between emotions and ‘love’
  • Honda is still not ready with a diesel and has no concrete plans in the pipeline. No Brio diesel until at least late 2013
  • The Brio being a petrol will be competitive as it’s an excellent overall package and has Honda build quality, the overall package makes Honda confident that the car would do well
  • Honda should export Brio to countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, etc

Honda is currently not planning a sub-Brio product. The company is currently focusing on the Brio and will decide for an even smaller product depending on the response it gains from the Brio. Brio deliveries commence on the 10th of October. The company has already provided showrooms with display and test drive vehicles.

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