9 highly useful car accessories every driver must have

01/03/2019 - 12:22 | Featured | Yatharth Chauhan

Most car owners install accessories on their vehicles to enhance their looks. While there are many add-ons, like bull bars and flashlights, that should be avoided entirely, there are at least 10 highly useful car accessories one must have.

List of highly useful car accessories

Dash Cam

Dash Cam Image

Going by the increasing incidents of road rage, it has become essential to install a dash cam in your car. The recorded footage can be used to prove your allegations against ill-behaved road users in case the cops get involved. Moreover, the camera can be used to record fun videos of you and your friends on a road trip. They can even help you with the approval of your insurance claims as the recording can be used as evidence by the insurance companies. Some high-end dash cams also alert the driver of potential fatigue.

Car cover

Ford Figo car cover

Most of our cities have a dusty environment, which means the vehicles get quite dirty even if they have remained parked throughout the day. Therefore, it's a good idea to invest in a good car cover in case you do not have a covered parking space. Other than protecting your vehicle from the dust, the car cover even prevents bird droppings and rainwater from getting in contact with your prized possession.

Cleaning cloth

Car Cleaning Cloth

Of course, it would be strange to use the car cover when you have parked your car in the office parking lot. In such a case, a good cleaning cloth can be used to quickly wipe off the dirt or dust from your vehicle before leaving the office premises. That said, please note that you can't use any cloth for this purpose as certain fabrics can damage the paint. Therefore, invest in a good cleaning cloth that has been tested to work well on the sheetmetal.

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Air freshener

Car Perfume

No matter how clean the interior of your car is, you would need it to smell nice to completely appreciate the ambience. Hence, invest in a good car perfume or an air freshener that will make you feel good every time you get inside your vehicle. Having a pleasant smell in your cabin can even keep you relaxed while dealing with slow-moving traffic.

Solar fan

Car Accessories Solar Fan

Many parts of the country experience pretty high temperatures in summer. The cabin of your car can get excessively hot if your vehicle has been parked in the open on a sunny, hot day. Things can get so bad that even the most effective aircon might take time to cool down the interior. To avoid this condition, you can install a solar-powered fan to allow the warm air to escape the cabin and let the colder air to enter.

Anti Glare

Car Accessories Anti Glare

Many Indian divers have a terrible habit of unnecessarily using the high beam, which can get very irritating for the driver of the oncoming vehicles. Luckily, you can install an anti-glare device on your visor that can work as a reflective screen to prevent the high beam of the oncoming cars from irritating you.

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Skoda Rapid Zeal Edition GPS

While many new vehicles come equipped with satellite navigation at least on the top-end trim, drivers of other cars use the navigation feature of their smartphones to find their way around. That said, one must note that repeatedly looking at the phone display to figure out the directions can make you lose focus from driving. This, in turn, can result in a mishap. Therefore, it makes incredible sense to invest in a good satellite navigation system. Moreover, since the cellphone network is quite patchy throughout the country, a GPS navigator system turns out to be a more reliable option.

Tool kit

Mopar accessories emergency tool kit for Chrysler Pacifica revealed

While every car on sale in the country comes with a basic toolkit, the set of tools that are provided aren't good for anything other than replacing the wheel. There are certain instances when you know what is wrong with your car but can't do anything about it owing to the lack of tools that are needed to sort out the issue. At times, all it takes to rectify a problem is to tighten a screw or a bolt. Therefore, one should always carry a comprehensive tool kit that can help you quickly solve minor problems with your vehicle.

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Jumper cable

Car Battery Jumper Cable

Having a drained battery in the middle of nowhere is a nightmare that every car owner dreads. Therefore, one should always carry a pair of jumper cables to quickly get out of a potentially sticky situation. These cables can be used to draw power from another vehicle's battery to start the car.

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