Gadget of the day- Zero gravity R/C Car

29/08/2008 - 16:25 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

This is by far one of the most cutest stuff we've ever figured on IAB- A little R/C car that looks cute and can take on anything- even a perpendicular wall!

The R/C car costs a mere $55 USD and comes with fully functioning headlamps and taillights. The headlights flash if the battery is low, so that you can get it safely on the ground before it falls on your mum's head. How sweet! But that's just one of the highlights.

A twin toggle Infrared transmitter grants you all-out control over the car, so you choose whether its scaling walls or your dining table.

So, how does this little toy perform such feats? The same thing that keeps Formula 1 cars from taking off at high speeds- Downforce!

An advanced venturi suction system provides all the downforce the car needs to stay glued to the contour on which its rolling. To maintain the vacuum, flexible skirts are built around its chassis, much like a hovercraft.

Irresistible it is, we ourselves are getting one. What about you?! Click through to view a demo video and for the link to the store.

Source- Firebox via Geekalerts

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