Gadget of the day- A jacket with an embedded speedo!

27/08/2008 - 17:24 | ,  ,  ,  

A highly innovative Speed vest for bikers which displays the bike's current speed on back of the vest, in illuminated LED display could hit your nearest store in the coming months.

The system consists of of a wheel speed sensor, a wearable numeric display and a small computer that acts as an interface. The computer is based on an open-source embedded computing platform powered by an Amtel microcontroller. With the help of a 9 volt battery this gadget can go on till 6 hours. The numeric display is made from electro-luminescent wire, glows brightly when supplied with a very small amount of high voltage, high-frequency current. This gadget is pretty low on cost and highly impressive too.

You can check out how it was pieced together here

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