Luggage space/access to improve on future Tata Nano variants

30/10/2012 - 13:16 | Tata Nano | Shrawan Raja

2012 Tata Nano frontAccording to a new report on the Financial Chronicle, Tata Motors is mulling over improving the Tata Nano's luggage holding ability.

Excluding the swinging boot door which has been on the cards since the launch, Tata Motors officials, in condition of anonymity, have told Financial Chronicle that they are trying to increase luggage volume to accommodate two briefcases.

At present, the driver has to flip the rear bench forwards to access the luggage area, that at best can hold a couple of bags. The luggage area surrounds the hot engine, so you may want to avoid stashing your ice cream supply there!

It would take more than a minor rework to expand the boot space as adding length to the car, or changing the floor design would disturb its balance and cost them a lot of money. The complicated engineering redesign could be put off for the Nano that is heading to overseas markets. Tata Motors MD Karl Slym confirmed recently to the media that an upgraded US-spec Nano comes in three years.

The report adds that the usability of the under-hood storage compartment is also under consideration. Currently the Nano's brake booster assembly, spare wheel, electricals of the headlights, and the washer unit of the windshield are wired in the hood compartment allowing no space for stowing valuables. Without changing the current dimensions and layout, moving the spare wheel to another part of the car can free up some space for an external glove compartment. If not, a thorough redesign is the only way to juice out extra luggage space.

If a deduction can be made from this report, storage solutions could see a significant step up from the current Nano, in future variants.

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