Future of Ultra-Fast EV Charging for Residential Complexes

20/03/2024 - 17:30 | Featured | IAB Team

ADS-TEC Energy, a global leader in battery-buffered, ultra-fast charging technology, has unveiled the first deployment of its ChargeBox at a multi-family residential complex during a special ceremony at the Marina Palms Yacht Club and Residences in North Miami Beach. The solution allows EV drivers at the 470-unit residential property to charge their EVs in just minutes yet requires no extensive construction or upgrades to high-powered electrical infrastructure.

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Access to fast and readily available EV charging is one of the biggest hurdles to the adoption of EVs. This challenge is compounded by the fact that almost a third of U.S. housing is comprised of large, multi-family residences. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, more than 80% of EV charging takes place at home, but in large residential buildings, the charging landscape is much more complicated than in single family homes and small multi-unit dwellings. Electrifying each or a share of parking spaces with slower Level 2 chargers in a building with several hundred apartments or condos is not a long-term solution as EVs ramp up due to the space limitation and insufficient electrical wiring onsite. In addition, Level 2 charging takes many hours. With ChargeBox from ADS-TEC Energy, users can charge their EVs in minutes.

ADS-TEC Energy’s Marina Palms deployment is significant as it showcases a simple way to quickly deploy ultra-fast EV chargers and, in turn, speed up EV adoption. Built-in batteries allow ChargeBox to draw power from existing electrical grids, store it and then output the power at ultra-fast speeds of up to 320kW per vehicle. This means that building management does not have to invest in costly upgrades or time-consuming construction and enables installation to be completed in weeks versus months, which is typical for traditional fast chargers.

The benefits of ADS-TEC Energy’s ChargeBox made it extremely appealing to the Marina Palms Yacht Club and Residences Master Association and property management company, First Service Residential. A single ChargeBox today replaces several Level 2 chargers that were available to residents on a first-come, first-served basis, requiring residents to patiently wait hours to have their vehicle charged. The ChargeBox can easily service 100 EVs per week using only two parking spaces, versus shared Level 2 chargers, which would require 20 spaces for the same number of vehicles.

ADS-TEC Energy is taking the next important step, expanding into the U.S. Already a major presence in the EV charging space in Europe, the ADS-TEC Energy technology was first developed in conjunction with Porsche, which uses ADS-TEC Energy chargers at dealerships worldwide. The Marina Palms project is the blueprint for what is to come from the company in the year ahead. To meet the demand for charging, ADS-TEC Energy will be deploying its ultra-fast charging solutions at additional large residential complexes, city centers, convenience stores and corporate campuses.

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