Full Size Star Wars Drivable Landspeeder

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Does this look familiar to you? Chances that you would recollect it quite easily are bright as this looks to have come straight out of the Star Wars movie! It is named the 'Landspeeder' and was done completely by Daniel Deutsch in his own garage.

This is a  fiberglass replica landspeeder from the ground up built on a custom aluminum chassis. The electric drive system is capable of a top speed around 25 mph. The speeder is the same size as the original, and can travel several miles on a single battery charge.

More info and pics after the break.

Special Features include

  • DLP video projector from the hologram unit
  • Audio with over 50 R2 sounds
  • Periscope that rises
  • Lights
  • Dome rotation, Body movement
  • Utility arms that open individually
  • Front doors open individually
  • Smoke Machine
  • Moving Hologram projector

Read the original article from the builder himself here.

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