First Mercedes Integrated MAR20X 3S Sales & Service Centre in India

02/02/2023 - 17:58 | Mercedes-Benz,   | IAB Team

Mercedes Benz inaugurated its first integrated 3S MAR20X Sales and Service Experience Center in Kochi.

Mercedes Benz Coastal Star Sales And Service Exper

The world-class 50,000 sq. ft Mercedes-Benz Coastal Star ‘MAR20X Experience Center’ with its dedicated EQ Display, AMG Performance Center and Exclusive Corner for Top End Vehicle (TEV) Display, is strategically located in Kochi’s automotive hub with proximity to south and central Kerala. The exclusive new car delivery area of Coastal Star with its sound, light and visual show creates a personalized and celebratory experience for Mercedes-Benz customers.

Providing a luxurious and immersive brand experience to customers, the new integrated experience center of Coastal Star underpins Mercedes-Benz’s modern retail format, MAR20X, highlighting the four pillars of Design, Architecture, and Customer-oriented processes and Digital enhancements.

Mercedes Benz Integrated Mar20x 3s Sales And Servi

The vertical service facility of Coastal Star boasts of 27 service bays and has a capacity to service 10,000+ cars in a year. It is equipped to provide end-to-end service offerings including preventive maintenance, general repair, body & paint services and integrated digital customer service journey.

To further provide a seamless customer journey, the facility has an integrated customer contact center for all inbound and outbound customer needs and digital diagnostic capabilities with technical assistance from Mercedes-Benz India, as well as from Stuttgart. In addition, the facility comes with an integrated spare parts area of 10,000 sq. ft.

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