Ratan Tata - Fiat and Tata will take Nano to Latin America

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Tata Nano first customer function Mumbai-3

The concept of offering models via partners who are better equipped handling situations in a foreign land is an age old practice. Speaking to the La Stampa newspaper (a local daily in Italy) Ratan Tata divulged important details regarding the Fiat-Nano relationship.

Ratan Tata -

"We have various projects, to take the Nano to Latin America together, to share platforms for new cars, we have projects for Iveco and also for us to sell Ferrari and Maserati"

This announcement comes days after Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn expressed interest in manufacturing the ULC in Brazil, which is Fiat's second largest market after Italy.

Ratan Tata stated the two companies were working together in developing more that just drive-train components together. At present, Tata uses Fiat's technology on its new Indica Vista hatchback and the upcoming Indigo sedan, which reportedly would make use of Fiat's Blue and Me module.

In the future, Fiat and Tata would share platforms and the cooperation would be broader and more beneficial to both.

Could this mean the future Tata Prima would be based on the Fiat Linea?

What we'd like to hear Ratan Tata say is if there would be a Fiat version of the Nano.

Source - Reuters

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