Electric Buses in Ladakh: 19 Buses Cover 1 Lakh km in a Year Serving The Public

17/12/2023 - 21:00 | Industry News | IAB Team

Electric buses in Ladakh are setting a compelling example in the fight against climate change. Ladakh’s Leh and Kargil regions have embraced the services of 19 electric buses (eBuses) from PMI Electro Mobility Solutions for over a year now operating on various local routes and accumulating an impressive distance of over 1,050,000 kilometres. Serving an average of 1500 passengers daily, these eBuses contribute positively to Ladakh's delicate ecosystem with zero tailpipe emissions, no engine noise, and no vibrations, significantly reducing carbon footprint and noise levels while bearing region’s inclement weather conditions.

Pmi Electro Ebus In Ladakh

Since the commencement of their operations, these eBuses have effectively curbed CO2 emissions by an estimated 25,20,000 kilograms and is further impact is expected to persist over the next decade and a half, aligning with their end-of-life period. Notably, regenerative braking solutions integrated in these eBuses during downhill movement enhances the efficiency by recovering and recharging onboard batteries.

The eBuses are designed to prioritize passenger comfort, incorporating features such as cantilever mounting and plastic-moulded seats. This thoughtful design not only enhances overall comfort but also ensures easy access for young and elderly passengers alike. Equipped with factory-fitted cameras, these buses enhance security by continuously monitoring all travellers.

The Intelligent Transportation Management System (ITMS) software seamlessly integrates to enable intelligent and optimal management of electric buses. It automatically tracks schedules, monitors the state of charge (eliminating range anxiety), assesses vehicle range, and manages allocated routes.

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