E-bike Maker Svitch Opens New Showroom to Celebrate 3rd Anniversary

01/09/2022 - 14:45 | Electric vehicles,   | IAB Team

E-bike manufacturer, Svitch, has opened its first exclusive experience centre in Namma Bengaluru to mark its third anniversary. At this experience centre, the consumers will be able to get a complete Svitch experience. The company’s extensive range of e-bikes will be on display, along with all the merchandising and accessories that it has to offer.

Svitch Showroom 2

The company is set to launch CSR 762, which will pack in a best-in-class battery swapping technology. The EV motorbike will be unveiled in the coming months. However, the patrons of Svitch will also be able to experience CSR 762 at their Namma centre.

Svitch incubated on the 21st of April, 2019 when the idea of EVs & their practical application was brewing in India. The world had begun accepting electric vehicles as an alternative mode of commute. Over time, the organisation has also mushroomed from a two-member team to 200+ employees with HQ in Ahmedabad & the regional branch office in Bengaluru.

Svitch Showroom 1

Svitch also celebrates its strength in its two manufacturing plants. As per the government mandate, the brand supplies 250W Motor in India & locks the speed of the bike at 25km/h. However, Svitch still supplies 500W & 750W Motor e-bikes overseas to countries like the Netherlands, Australia, Dubai, USA, Europe & many second and third-world countries. Being an original equipment manufacturer, the brand also supplies its loose parts & raw materials to nearby countries and supports small upcoming brands.

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