Ducati Announces Customisation Program for Customers - Ducati Unica

30/01/2022 - 17:43 | Ducati,   | IAB Team

Ducati announces the creation of Ducati Unica, the new customization program dedicated to those who want to design and build their own exclusive and unique motorcycles.

Ducati Unica 4

With Ducati Unica, the Centro Stile Ducati opens its doors to Ducatisti and accompanies them in the realization of their dream: to collaborate directly with designers and technicians to create a motorcycle that will be a unique piece in the world.

Ducatisti who join the program will be able to enter the Ducati Centro Stile atelier in person, describe their desires to the designers and follow, during periodical visits, the progress of their motorcycles, experiencing first-hand the level of dedication and attention to detail that Ducati reserves for each customization project.

Ducati Unica 1

With the support of the professionals of the Ducati Unica team, the customization process will be outlined, defining every detail: precious materials, dedicated finishes, special colours and Ducati Performance accessories. All in compliance with the stylistic criteria that identify a real Ducati.

Each stage of the creation of the bike will be documented and will see the involvement of enthusiasts, from the first sketches to the delivery ceremony.

Ducati Unica 2

Each Ducati Unica will be delivered to its owner accompanied by a certificate of uniqueness, which attests to its originality and ensures its non-replicability.

The level of uniqueness and the obsessive attention to detail of each Ducati Unica project means that the company can only accept an extremely limited number of requests each year, and only those considered to be in line with the values ​​of the brand.

Ducati Unica 3

Ducati dealers are an integral part of the project. By contacting them, you will be able to obtain the information necessary to request access to the program, which is extended worldwide and applicable to the Ducati and Scrambler Ducati range.

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