DC Design creates space voyager using a REVA electric car

18/07/2011 - 14:01 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

An IAB reader recently visited the DC Design Studio at Gurgaon to check out the new REVA-based Concept by the DC Designs. DC stands for Dilip Chhabria who is behind many wacky designs and prototyped show cars like the Chevrolet Beat concept and an Aston Martin. His designs are the "like it or hate it" type attracting positive praise and hate messages in equal measure.

DC Designs REVA Tarzan 2DC Designs REVA Tarzan 2

The only stock aspect of the REVA Concept DC's studio has recently come up with is the name REVA. The modest four-seat electric car that gasps for breath on an outskirts excursion has been redesigned into a futuristic vehicle that does intergalactic journeys in the blink of an eye.

DC Designs REVA Tarzan 2 frontFit for the next Star Wars installation, the traditional seating arrangement has been traded for a fighter jet cockpit-type seating where one seat lies behind another.

We're not sure of its range or top speed, but the aggressive front bumper inserts in bright orange topped off with a supercar-style rear guarantees eyeballs from just every other passerby.

The doors are like the ones on the Mercedes SLS AMG. If the wings open up, the driver turns into a spaceman and can hop between galaxies using the display on the dashboard. The dashboard is also completely new though it did not look like much emphasis was laid on its design.

From what can be seen, drab-looking plastics have been used to construct the passenger cell and is not comparable to the futuristic exteriors. No technical specifications have been released and the Gurgaon studio staff were unaware about it too.

The only SCOOP we got from our sources is that the REVA concept isn't for sale and would instead feature in the second edition of the Tarzan movie. Remember the purple sports car from Tarzan 1? It was a DC Design as well !

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