Is this the best Anti DUI campaign you have ever seen?

22/02/2013 - 09:30 | Specials | Kaustubh Shinde

There are two ways of telling a person what NOT to do. There is a wrong way which generally involves constant shouting at the person telling him what not to do. Then there is the right way which generally involves something unexpected, a surprise or a shock. This always works!

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Anti DUI Zara Tapas bar drink and get drivenAll responsible petrolheads are aware that drinking and driving is a one way street heading straight to a massive catastrophe. But quite a few people still blatantly ignore the obvious. In fact, the amount of road fatalities that can be attributed to drunk driving is close to 70%

In a scenario where educated civilians show such blatant disrespect to law, something unique needs to be done. A restaurant in Chennai called Zara joined forces with an ad agency to make one of the most creative Anti DUI I have ever seen.

There is really no point in describing what goes on in the video because it will ruin all the fun for you. So make sure you take two minutes of your busy life to fully go through the video. It will be the best two minutes you have ever spent!

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