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Tata Nano is the most trusted four wheeler brand in India

The little Tata has brought some cheers to the Tata Motors camp. The Tata Nano has been declared as the most trusted four wheeler brand in India for the year 2013 according to "The Brand Trust Report, India Study 2013".

Tata Nano to replace auto rickshaws in Jammu & Kashmir?

Jammu and Kashmir will probably become the first state to use the Tata Nano as taxi. The Jammu and Kashmir state transport department has received many applications requesting permission to commercialize the car which was originally conceptualized

Ratan Tata wants to refresh the Nano for Round 2

A vision of a visionary – the Tata Nano was certainly the apple of the eye for Mr. Ratan Tata. His dream of providing a motorcyclist with a safer mode of transport may have not clicked with the audience but he is not the sort of a man who would