BMW Confirms Plans For All-Electric 5-Series And 7-Series Variants - Report

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With the world moving towards electric mobility as a sustainable form of transportation, many manufacturers are either launching or announcing the launch of its latest and great electric vehicles. BMW just released pictures and new details about its first all-electric SUV, the BMW iX3. However, BMW has now confirmed that it will also be launching all-electric versions of the 5-Series and 7-Series luxury sedans.

Bmw 5 Series And 7 Series All Electric In Developm

The news comes at a time when BMW is fighting to drastically reduce its CO2 footprint across its entire network. The company has even gone as fast as saying that it will cut its CO2 emissions down to a third by the year 2030. In order to do so, the BMW Group has committed a sum of 30 billion euros into research & development by 2025, in order to grow its standing as a leader in new-age, environmentally-friendly technology. Going further, in its quest to develop cleaner sources of energy, BMW has even started procuring raw material like cobalt and lithium-ion directly, in order to then pass it on to its component manufacturers. BMW plans to have a total of seven million BMW Group electrified vehicles on the road in the next ten year, with the hope of two-thirds of them being fully-electric. The company has also been working towards launching new electric vehicles. By next year, this list will include models like the all-new i4, i3, iX3, iNext and also an all-electric MINI. When it comes to the BMW Group line-up, the aim of the company is to have no less than 25 vehicles in its line-up to be electrified, half of which will be all-electric. 

Bmw 5 Series And 7 Series All Electric In Developm

Apart from the all-new i3, i4 and iNext, there is likely to be no purely-electric platforms within the lineup. However, what BMW does plan on developing are derivative models. The all-electric 7-Series was announced earlier this year and the platform which BMW used to develop its fifth-generation e-motor trials was the new 5-Series. The test vehicle featured two electric motors over the rear axle, with a combined output of 720bhp. With the help of torque vectoring control, the test car managed to do the 0-100kmph run in just three seconds. We expect production version to launch late-2021 or 2022.

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