Back from the Nano launch; got loads to tell you all! Updates to continue for a while

24/03/2009 - 19:42 | ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Greetings to all my readers. I hope you are all doing well.

I took the morning flight back to my city (Chennai) after attending, what I would call a historic launch of the Tata Nano at the Parsi Gymkhana Grounds in Mumbai city.

It was our author Clement David's b'day yesterday. Hence he was not able to focus on getting many updates online, at least not as much as he would have wished. He had visitors at home and a grand party to attend.

For me it was a tiring day and the flight journey back and forth was kinda bumpy. I've had little sleep, so in between my updates I'll catch up with some sleep as well.

I spoke to a lot of people at the launch, some of whom had driven the car on Saturday. Joel Perriera, Editor of Times Drive, is a close follower of IAB and a very good friend of mine, told me his views which I will share in the updates to follow.

From tomorrow dawn till dusk I'll tell you who I met, what we spoke, how it happened and what actually happened.

I spoke to Dr.Clive Hickman, Head of Engineering at Tata Motors, immediately after the press conference and during the launch, and he was kind enough to answer all my questions. I have papers of answers lying next to me as I type out this inaugural post Nano launch update.

I could also catch up with Mr.Srinivas Krishnan of BS Motoring. I met Srini sir during the Mahindra Xylo launch and we are friends since then.

I was delighted to meet all my other friends from the print and visual media. They were all excited about the car, its pricing, features, looks etc.

There is a lot to be said. I should space it out, and do one update at a time.

I hope you enjoy every bit of it. I definitely did.

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