Audi introduces long wheelbase of A4 sedan in China

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The Geman Auto giant Audi has just introduced the Extended Wheel Base(EWB) version of its popular car -The A4, in China.

Its EWB version will be known as the Audi A4L. What EWB translates into is acres of inside space and legroom. EWB or Long Wheel Base (LWB) versions are usually seen in high-end cars such as Audi A8 , BMW 7-series etc.

Audi has plans to locally assemble this EWB version of A4L in China , as this kind of spacious luxury cars are in great demand in the Chinese market.

Audi has designed this version of A4L exclusively for the Chinese market. The rear seat of provides acres of legroom now for this 4.76 meter long car! which quite much for it! Something similar to the Tata Indigo XL.

The Audi A4L now has 60mm longer wheelbase at 2868mm compared to the normal A4's 2808mm wheelbase, which is even longer than its big bro - The Audi A6 which has got only 2843mm of wheelbase!.

Audi has provided 2 engine choices for chinese buyers, which is - 2.0 litre TFSi that has got power of 180 horses in front of it and another engine available is the big 3.2 litre V6 FSi that produces 265 BHP.

For now Audi doesn't have any plan to launch it with diesel version as the diesel versions are not very popular with the Chinese

A chauffeur driven Audi A4 or BMW 3-Series is a common sight in China and the A4L is for the same purpose. I have witnessed the same sight in India. A BMW or an Audi in India is more of a status symbol than anything else. Ask the Germans and they'll tell you that it's a driver's car and the best place to be in it is behind the wheel. But then, BMW isn't complaining. All they want is their cars to be bought in large numbers. Let's wait and watch and I am sure we will get to see the A4L in India as well.

2008 Audi A4L Image Gallery

Source- Motor Authority

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