ATTENTION - We are heroes in Argentina!

24/06/2009 - 16:03 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

We would have never known this if our good friend from Argentina and close follower of Indian Autos Blog, Gustavo Henrique Ruffo, would not have told us. We're grateful to him for bringing this to our notice.

We are tracking a new, yet to be released Chevrolet hatchback which we and others in the blogosphere assumed would be named Viva. This car, which bloggers, industry experts and analysts claim is the next Chevrolet Aveo, urged us to cover it since an Indian journey was very much on the cards.

Coming back to the story, Chevrolet has officially announced this car would be called Agile (A-gee-lay). Like any car manufacturer does before a car's release, they too launched a teaser website (

Why are we telling this to you?

Well, GM Argentina has recognized our work by featuring us on the teaser site's video. Launch and pay close attention to the last part of the clip.

We're there!

Gustavo tells us the Agile is one of the most awaited cars in his country and similar markets and literally millions would visit the teaser site.

Thank you GM, thank you Chevrolet, thank you GM Argentina, thank you Gustavo and a big big thank you to all my readers for making this happen.

We're heroes in Argentina or should I say Somos héroes en Argentina


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