All new 7 series Beemer to reach Indian shores in early 2009

31/07/2008 - 14:46 | ,  ,  ,   | Dave

BMW is planning a grand revival plan for the 7series with the all new model to be launched soon internationally.The earlier E65 has recorded lowest sales ever and this makes for a strong point to launch the new 7 series soon.The all new & series is based on the BMW CS concept which was unveiled to the public at the Shanghai motor show in April this year.

Though the show car was a stunner,the 7 sports toned down styling (as all the concepts nowdays bear a few like the Scirocco,Ford Fiesta).The controversial 'Flame Surface' styling used in the 4th gen 7 which left the cash registers at Mercedes Benz ringing,has been toned down in the all new 7.The good news is that,BMW is planning to bring in the all new 7 to India early next year.

First thing you notice about the car is the large trademark twin kidney radiator grill.It looks angry and like one of the Orcs from LOTR.The swept back headlamps with twin xenons look amazing.The car is 33mm longer at 5072mm overall length over the previous 7.Add 140mm for the Long wheelbase version which is more pampering.

The new 7 is more sleek due to its altered propotions.The most important aspect with respect to the construction is the abundant use of Aluminium.A high percentage of the body is made from High Strength Steel adding rigidity and improving crash protection.Most of the body panels are made of Aluminium.The front suspension has been changed from McPhersons to all new double wishbones which is also entirely made of Aluminium.

Features wise,the 7 packs quite a punch.It has an advanced version of of its Night Visiion infrared system which not only improves vision but also can distinguish between Humans and objects and sound off an alarm if need be.The current car's twin hump dashboard has been replaced by a neatly integrated centre console.Also present is the joystick style gear selector as present on the present 5 series which gives the illusion that you are the pilot of a fighter bomber!Also expected is the new version of the controversial iDrive system which BMW claims is much improved.

Technically,the 7 will get all new engines and even a petrol hybrid.Though the hybrid is not expected at launch,it will join the lineup a year after the launch.There is a 3.0l twin turbocharged straight six with 326bhp in the 740i instead of the 4.0l V8,a 3.0 straight seix with 245bhp in the 730d which is expected to be the best seller and the range topper(atleast until something more powerful arrives)4.4V8 twin turbo from the X6 with 407bhp in the 750i.

We dont get a 8speed 'box but a 7speed one from ZF with tweaked software which improves shift speed.The most anticipated is the 4wheel drive 7 which wants a piece of the pie from the A8 quattro and 4matic S-Class.It will use BMW's famous torque vectoring system.A BMW which does not handle well is a completely pointless object,so the new 7 is expected to set new standards for large saloons in the handling department and it comes with 3 options for the suspension with 4 settings - Comfort,Normal,Sport,Sport plus.Also debuting is the new 4 wheel steering system.So are these enough ti take BMW back to the top?Only time will tell.

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