Top 5 Revisions Made To 2021 Kia Sonet

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Kia India recently updated the Sonet sub-compact SUV with their new brand logo, new features, and also shuffled the variant lineup for the 2021 model year. Prices for the Kia Sonet now start from INR 6.79 lakh and go up to INR 13.25 lakh (ex-showroom). Here we are going to take a closer look at all the revisions and the new updates introduced on the 2021 Kia Sonet.


Engine Variant Old Price New Price Difference
1.2-litre Petrol
HTE Rs 6.79 lakh Rs 6.79 lakh
HTK Rs 7.69 lakh Rs 7.79 lakh Rs 10,000
HTK+ Rs 8.55 lakh Rs 8.65 lakh Rs 10,000
1.0-litre Turbo-petrol
HTK+ iMT Rs 9.49 lakh Rs 9.79 lakh Rs 30,000
HTK+ DCT Rs 10.49 lakh (Discontinued) NA
HTX iMT Rs 9.99 lakh Rs 10.29 lakh Rs 30,000
HTX DCT (New) Rs 10.99 lakh NA
HTX+ iMT Rs 11.65 lakh Rs 11.75 lakh Rs 10,000
GTX+ Rs 11.99 lakh Rs 12.19 lakh Rs 20,000
GTX+ 7DCT Rs 12.89 lakh Rs 12.99 lakh Rs 10,000
1.5-litre Diesel
HTE Rs 8.25 lakh Rs 8.35 lakh Rs 10,000
HTK Rs 9.19 lakh Rs 9.29 lakh Rs 10,000
HTK+ Rs 9.69 lakh Rs 9.89 lakh Rs 20,000
HTX Rs 10.19 lakh Rs 10.49 lakh Rs 30,000
HTK+ 6AT Rs 10.59 lakh (Discontinued) NA
HTX 6AT (New) Rs 11.29 lakh NA
HTX+ Rs 11.85 lakh Rs 11.99 lakh Rs 14,000
GTX+ Rs 12.19 lakh Rs 12.45 lakh Rs 26,000
GTX+ 6AT Rs 13.09 lakh Rs 13.25 lakh Rs 16,000

With the addition of new features across the range, there has been an inevitable increase in the prices of the Sonet. Barring the entry-level 1.2L petrol variant, prices of all other variants of the Soent have gone up by at least INR 10,000. The 1.0L turbo-petrol HTK+ iMT and the 1.5L diesel HTX MT variants see the maximum price hike of INR 30,000. While the entry price of the Sonet remains the same, the price at the top-end has gone up by INR 16,000.

2021 Kia Sonet Front Three Quarters
Prices for the Sonet have gone up by INR 30,000 with its 2021 model year update.

Variant Reshuffle

As mentioned before, a couple of variants have been discontinued while two more have been brought in. As you can see from the table above, the HTK+ petrol-DCT and diesel-automatic variants have been axed. Instead, Kia have introduced new HTX petrol-DCT and HTX diesel-automatic variants to the lineup. This means you now have to shell out an additional Rs 50,000 to Rs 70,000 to get your hands on an entry-level Sonet automatic.

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Paddle Shifters

One of the biggest updates to the Sonet has been the addition of paddle shifters for all automatic variants of the SUV. That means both the 1.0L turbo-petrol with the 7-speed DCT and the 1.5L diesel with the 6-speed torque converter automatic gearbox are now offered with paddle shifters across all their trims -  HTX 7DCT, GTX+ 7DCT, HTX AT, GTX+ AT.  This should greatly increase the appeal of the Sonet, particularly for people seeking more engagement with the driving experience of the sub-compact SUV.

2021 Kia Seltos Sonet Automatic Paddle Shifters Im
The addition of paddle shifters to both automatic variants of Sonet will be a huge draw for enthusiast.

New Features

Apart from the addition of paddle shifters, Kia have also introduced two more features across the lineup. The first is rear door sunshade curtains that have been added to the HTX, HTX+, GTX+ trims. The other is a new opening/closing function of the sunroof via voice commands, introduced in the HTX+, GTX+ trims. Both of these features are segment-first features and although small additions, they are still valuable ones indeed.

2021 Kia Sonet Automatic Rear Window Blinds Images
The sub-compact SUV has also been updated with rear door sunshades, a first in segment feature.

More Features Standard Across The Range

Apart from the aforementioned new features, Kia has made several features from top-spec trims standard across some lower-spec trims. That includes safety features such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), Brake Assist (BA), Hill Assist Control (HAC). These features were previously reserved for the GTX+ trim but have now been made available on the HTX trims as well. Other features such as multiple drive modes and traction modes, smart Key with push button start/stop, remote Engine start, electric sunroof, chrome door handles and 16-inch alloy wheels have also been made standard across the mid-spec trims. Here's a summary of the same.


Availability in Old Sonet

Availability for 2021 Sonet

Electronic Stability Control, Vehicle Stability Management, Brake Assist, Hill Assist Control (HAC)



Multi Drive modes & Traction modes



Smart Key with push button start/stop


HTK+ (1.0T & D1.5)/ HTX/HTX+/GTX+

Remote Engine start


HTK+ (1.0T & D1.5)/ HTX/HTX+/GTX+

Electric Sunroof


HTK+ (1.0T iMT)/ HTX/HTX+/GTX+

Chrome door handles


HTK+ (1.0T & D1.5)/ HTX/HTX+/GTX+

16-inch alloy wheels



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