To you, how will Indian Autos Blog become the world's best auto website?

03/08/2014 - 20:34 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

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Thank you for reading We've just turned six, and yearn to enjoy this moment in the company of your views and comments.

We're making this rare off-topic post to hear your answer to a question that is most important to our future.

While many readers don't say much on a normal day and we're just grateful that you're visiting, please don't leave this post without writing a comment.

Our posts, tweets, videos, Facebook statuses, voice clips, quotes, etc today are read, seen and heard 100 million times a year.

Our analytics script says most of you are here five to ten times a day to know the next turn to your favorite cars and auto markets.

For you and all other visitors, we're punching out 16-20 updates on a weekday. We receive traffic from all over the world, and about 40% of you in 2014 have come from abroad.

Inevitably there's a question waiting for us at this time that only you can answer - How do we become the best automotive website in the world according to our readers?

If you think we are the best, how do we make it better?

Either way, your answer should be on the basis of your understanding of this website.

Please do not think up what other viewers or the majority of readers may want, or the route other websites you know took for higher success. Your answer must be strictly your view stemming from what this website means and has meant to you.

We value every opinion and to preserve them, we're not publishing your comments. Only you (and our team) will be able to see what you've written. You can always come back and write a second or third comment if you wish.

The comment box below is at your disposal.

Thank you and expectantly await your answers.

Shrawan Raja
Managing Editor

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