VW Jetta TSI Exterior Review

03/10/2012 - 16:15 | ,  ,  ,   | Nithyanandh K

Meet the VW Vento, err, sorry actually the VW Jetta! Mistaken identity, that’s what happens if car makers resort to the so called family looks for all the cars in their portfolio.

VW Jetta TSI rear quarterVW Jetta TSI front quarter

Look at all the VWs from the front and you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference.

VW Jetta TSI front
The Jetta has very little to distinguish itself from the Vento

To be honest, on my first glance, I actually mistook the Jetta for a Vento. The Jetta’s snout appears so uncomfortably close to its far cheaper sibling, which is a good thing for the Vento but is not going to be welcomed by a D Segment buyer.

VW Jetta TSI nose
Detailing of the headlamps and a sharper chin characterizes Jetta's front fascia

Observe keenly and you will realize that the Jetta has a slightly wider and lower stance. The attention to detail on the headlamps has a premium effect but the shape has only a very subtle difference from that of the Vento. The edges of the front bumper are a tad more accentuated and the sharp chin adds to the premium feel.

VW Jetta TSI Profile
Clean lines are all about understatement

The side profile has almost flat panels, save for the crease that runs along the lower part of the doors and the shoulder line which bridges the head and tail lamps.

VW Jetta TSI wheelVW Jetta TSI mirror

Steeply raked front windshield and wedge shaped wing mirrors are there for aerodynamic reasons albeit they add to the style too. The five spoke alloys have a nice sculpted look, but again the poor Jetta has nothing except her length to inform the onlooker that she isn’t a Vento!

VW Jetta TSI rear
The rear is the best looking part of the VW Jetta

The rear is the only distinct identity of the Jetta and is easily the best looking part of the car, which ever angle you may see from.  The sleek tail lamps are a bit Audi A4-ish but its elements are nicely detailed and look fantastic at night.

The diffuser style black plastic cladding does a good job of masking the visual bulk. The TSI badge is the only give away that it burns petrol.

VW Jetta TSI Boot
You will never need a bigger boot than this!

Final words on the looks, there is no clear line of demarcation between the VW Jetta and Vento; the Jetta suffers from lack of individuality, however its understated looks have a sort of appealing richness to it.

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