Volkswagen ready for Electric Mobility revolution

17/09/2012 - 09:01 | ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

VW e-up! electric mobilityFossil fuels are depleting at a rapid pace. If the motor car does not evolve it will perish. The good thing is that most manufacturers have acknowledged the fact that the automobile needs to evolve to keep up with the time.

The future of motoring is going to be…hmm…well…but...actually I do not have the right answer. No one does.

The real reason why no one has the answer is because there are so many options in which the automobile can evolve. You have hybrids, EVs, fuel cells, solar power and the list just goes on!

Each major manufacturer is researching every option and is choosing one option to build on. Whoever gets their bets right, rules the roost.

Volkswagen has decided that it wants to bet big in electric mobility. News comes in from Frankfurt that the Volkswagen service network is ready to embrace electric mobility in most major markets. The service network will be ready to deal with Volkswagen hybrids and EV that are all set to hit the market very soon such as the Touareg Hybrid, e-Up! and e-Golf.

Volkswagen has provided dedicated training for service employees and provided them specific tools and equipment to service future VW cars. These special employees called as "electrically skilled personnel" are the only servicemen that are permitted to perform essential repair and maintenance work on electric cars.

Trial runs of the Golf Blue-e-Motion have been in operation in Germany since June 2011. Pretty soon other markets will also get a taste of VW’s electric mobility. By the end of this year an additional 60 vehicles will be added to the program for international fleet testing in Austria, Belgium, France and the USA.


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