VW Aims to Bring AI Products in Vehicles, Establishes New Company

01/02/2024 - 18:05 | Volkswagen,   | IAB Team

In the future, digital products based on artificial intelligence (AI) will play a key role for the Volkswagen Group. New infotainment and navigation applications, high-performance speech recognition, extended vehicle functions and the deep integration of digital ecosystems in the car will bring considerable benefits to customers, enhancing the product experience. This is why Volkswagen has established a specialized “AI Lab”.

Vw Ai Company

The company will act as a globally networked competence center and incubator. AI Lab will identify new product ideas for the Volkswagen Group, and coordinate them internally within the Group. As the need arises, this will also include collaboration with the tech sector in Europe, China and North America.

By adopting this approach, the Volkswagen Group intends to simplify collaboration with technology companies with a view to making optimum use of the innovation potential and speed of the AI sector. The objective is to rapidly develop digital prototypes and transfer them to the Group brands for implementation.

Volkswagen aims to bring AI products to the vehicle and vehicle environment

The Volkswagen Group is committed to continually integrating new digital products with artificial intelligence in its vehicles and offering customers added value going beyond their cars.

Among other items, Volkswagen sees considerable potential in high-performance speech recognition and services that connect users’ own digital environments with the vehicle. Extended vehicle functions will be equally important. These can include AI-optimized charging cycles for electric vehicles, predictive maintenance and the networking of vehicles with infrastructure, such as customers’ own homes (“smart home”).

AI Lab to identify product ideas and rapidly produce prototypes

AI Lab will not manufacture production models, but will serve as an incubator for the Volkswagen Group. The company will identify new product ideas connected with artificial intelligence throughout the world. AI Lab will then develop highly promising concepts together with partners where the need arises, to produce early prototypes. AI Lab will have a team of artificial intelligence experts and will work closely with all the brands. High-ranking representatives of the brand groups will form the Supervisory Board.

AI Lab’s slim and powerful organization and the direct involvement of the brand groups in the Supervisory Board will enable communication among equal partners in the dynamic AI sector, expedite processes and simplify collaboration between the automotive industry and tech companies.

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