Volteis Electric X4 - Isn't this like a Mahindra Jeep EV

06/04/2010 - 20:10 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

Every automobile market across the globe seems to be flooded with Electric vehicles.We have seen electric small cars-which seem to be the most popular,electric sedans & even electric high performance cars.Now Europe is about to witness its 1st electric 4 x 4!

French company Volteis Electric Car has unveiled an electric off-roader called X4, entering into a largely untapped market. This vehicle incorporates all the technologies necessary to enable it to offer the same performance on all types of terrain. The X4 has 4 Wheel Drive with a frame made entirely of Stainless Steel in bodywork and aluminum, which gives it a certain ruggedness and durability.It can achieve a speed of up to 70 kmph.

Sure this vehicle is not coming to India ever but don’t you see the Indian connection? The X4 has striking similarity with our very own Mahindra Jeep.The jeep had a cult status in India & it was considered the ultimate off-road machine,the Indian Hummer if you will.Even toady it enjoys a lot of fan following.

So why can’t Mahindra bring in an electric version of the Jeep? The company sure has the technology & capability to do this.The Scorpio micro hybrid is in the market,they are also working on a hydrogen-CNG fuel for the Scorpio & not to forget that it will be launching an Electric version of its small truck-the Maxximo in 2010 itself. This truck would be the 1st electric LCV in India. So why can’t the jeep be?

We're no technical experts, but we know that torque is simply the keyword on an off-roader, which is why many of them come with diesel engines. An electric motor usually weighs less but can produce more torque than a diesel engine.

The Electric Jeep could work very well for people who go off-roading & do care about the environment. Especially for those who have farms, tea estates & orchards in remote areas & require such a car. Mahindra could sure set an example for the other manufacturers & even encourage the government to provide the infrastructure for charging such cars in rocky terrains.

Are you listening M&M?

Source - voitureelectrique

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